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The Awakening is a beautiful, life-altering experience yet can be the most agonizing and confusing experience you will ever endure. Your physical, mental, and emotional bodies are undergoing significant energetic processes during this time. As you begin the shift from duality into non-duality, new circuitry and new neural pathways are created within the brain as you relearn and rediscover new ways of being. Your DNA is activated to restructure and the totality of your entire being is undergoing transformation to embody more light and information. Depending on how attached and rigid you were with old belief structures, there can be a high level of resistance to this process. Surrender to The Awakening.

During my Awakening in 2017, I experienced a multitude of signs and symptoms as my body, mind, and spirit began making the shift. Your symptoms will be unique to your own Awakening journey.


You may experience dizziness, vertigo, and claustrophobia. You begin to question your location in time and space. As your energy expands, your body is undergoing physiological changes and you must learn to integrate these new energies.

Other bodily symptoms may include:
Burning Sensations Throughout the Limbs
Irregular Sleep Patterns
Blurred Vision
Decreased Appetite
Extreme Fatigue

Your ability to overcome these symptoms will improve over time as you practice Self-love and Self-mastery.


There Is No Separation
You realize that your inner and outer worlds are one and the same.

Psychic Attack
Psychic attacks are mental intrusions from negative energies and/or other people. At this time, your energetic field is wide open and there are many different frequencies being broadcasted to you (positive and negative). It is crucial to learn how to protect, cleanse, and clear your energy field.

Fear, Anxiety, Happiness, Bliss
You will experience the full spectrum of emotions.

You will have an endless amount of questions. Trust in your intuition and let that energy guide you to the Spiritual material/literature/healers that you need.

You will deny The Awakening. You will deny the mystical experiences you’ve had. You will deny your epiphanies and revelations. You will deny your Self and try to go back to living a “regular” life. It won’t work…

There is light at the end of the tunnel but you must learn to trust yourself.


Dark Night of The Soul
This process is similar to Ego dissolution. The Ego begins to lose its control over your reality and old belief systems are shattered. You will experience bouts of extreme anger and depression as The Ego clings to its identity. Ego dissolution will happen in layers over time and can be extremely painful as you experience a loss of self. Self-care is crucial during this period. You will go through several Dark Nights of The Soul.

Purging is Spiritual vomiting. As you transition into higher frequencies, you will go through a cleansing and purification process. Negative thoughts, patterns and old traumas you thought you’ve buried away will surface for energetic clearing. It may feel as if you are physically vomiting.

Number Sequences and Synchronicities
Number sequences (111, 222, 333, etc.) come from your loved ones who have passed on, angels, spirit guides, ancestors, or your Higher Self. The meanings of these numbers are dependent on what you were thinking/doing in that moment. Pay close attention to your thoughts and let them bloom or readjust them if needed. You will experience many other forms of synchronicities (music, images, locations, dreams, etc.) as you come into alignment.

You have an increased desire for more authentic connections and less interest in the mundane.

Your compassion for all living things grows immensely and you have an increased desire to help other people.

You are driven to discover a new life purpose because of transcendental moments caused by The Awakening.

When you heal, you heal across all universes, galaxies, lifetimes, dimensions, and time streams.
It's Time To Wake Up...

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