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The Awakening is the ultimate journey of the Self. It is a radical shift in consciousness where you have accessed a higher awareness of your inner connection to All That Is. It is also the realization that the Universe is becoming more aware of itself through you and your experiences. The Awakening is a time of karmic resolution, dissolving and transmuting old energies, and arriving to divine sovereign choice. You will have many Awakenings as you further illuminate yourself and continue to step into the responsibility of your awareness.


Remember the true divine sovereign being that you are. As you break through your layers of social and cultural conditioning, you begin to see through the veil of illusions. It is time to forgive those illusions and fulfill your infinite potentialities of your true Self. The Awakening can be blissful and exhilarating yet terrifying and extremely painful. I’m here to guide you through your Awakening journey. My goal is not only to help you remember your true divinity, but also to remind you that you woke up for a very important reason. The Awakening is a time of huge transformation. But remember, The Awakening is only the beginning…

It's Time To Wake Up...

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Your Awakening was planned by YOU at the soul level prior to incarnation.
Once you are activated, the transformation and healing begins.
Your levels of awareness will continue to grow, expand, and evolve.
You will Awaken to a new reality and it is time to step into that responsibility.

Meet Jay-R Cimatu

As an Awakening coach, Jay-R is dedicated to guiding and assisting individuals who are on the Awakening journey or on their Spiritual path. Jay-R is committed to the expansion of human consciousness through Self-nurturing, Self-healing, Self-discovery, and Self-mastery.

"Everyone of us is an aperture through which the whole cosmos look out." - Alan Watts
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