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Jay-R Cimatu, Awakening Coach

My Awakening led me to major Self-discovery and immense inner growth. As I woke up to the dimension of reality outside of the Ego, I began to see truth. This truth took me on a journey of extensive research and Self-healing. As I continue to learn and heal, my hope is to guide others through their own Awakening not only as their coach, but as their friend.

After a decade of experience as a television editor, I have decided to redirect my creativity. Journey Through The Awakening is my platform for online digital content and coaching services catered towards Spirituality. My unique modality is the ability to heal, uplift, and enlighten others through video and moving pictures. I plan to push the boundaries of your current knowingness of Spirituality.

Jay-R is dedicated to guiding and assisting individuals who are
on the Awakening journey or on their Spiritual path.
It's Time To Wake Up...

Jay-R is currently accepting new clients. Schedule an Awakening session now!

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